We enhance the happiness and loyalty of your customers.

All your points in one place!

WalaOne app is a digital wallet that consolidates your accumulated points from various purchases, rewards, and gifts. You can benefit from these points through a variety of options and advantages.

Easy to use

It opens up a vast gateway of benefits and rewards, all with just one simple step! Enter your phone number and enjoy the various advantages.

Record your transactions

A dedicated page to record all the transactions and usage procedures of your points, securely saved with quantities and dates.

Convert your points into discounts and offers

A valuable feature that allows you to know the total points in your wallet and redeem them for discounts, offers, and benefits provided by over 400 well-known brands.

Over 400 well-known brands
Offer you offers, discounts, and benefits in exchange for your accumulated points

Diverse offers (discounts, offers, gift vouchers)

Various rewards provided by “WalaOne” in the form of offers, discounts, and shopping vouchers.

Multiple brands

Multiple options from brands that offer you rewards and benefits in various sectors (tourism and travel, restaurants and cafes, health, education, sports and entertainment, automobiles, online stores), and many more.

Broader usage options

In the WalaOne app, your points have value regardless of their quantity, as you can start your rewards journey with just 50 points.

Don’t forget your loved ones and friends

 In the WalaOne app, you can transfer or send your points to the people you love and let them redeem them for various options of benefits and rewards.

A wide network of providers offering discounts, offers, and shopping vouchers