Brand Identity Guidlines

Brand logo

Digital brand mark
Logo concept

It was drawn geometrically and proportions were adjusted in the positive and negative spaces. A heart symbol represents love, loyalty, and happiness, and this is the primary purpose of the company. As the right portion of the mark goes deeply into the heart, it is similar to a soldier who places his hand on his chest to indicate that he belongs to his army and to his commander, resulting in the current shape of the logo.

Exclusion zone

The exclusion zone refers to the area around a logo , specifying the amount of designed clear space or containing no other graphic or text that can sur round the logo . Elements that infringe on this space will be breaking the brand guideline .

Usage on background

  1. Don’t flip the icon .
  2. Don’t change the icon  position .
  3. Don’t put the icon at center . 
  4. Don’t make the icon not parallel to logotype . 
  5. Don’t wrap .
  6. Don’t change width .
  7. Don’t change height . 

Brand Typography

English font

Madani Arabic

Arabic font

FF Shamel Family


Secondary colors
Primary colors

Brand versions

Generally, the exclusion zone refers to the area surrounding a logo, which specifies the amount of designated clear space or does not contain any additional graphics or text. Any elements that infringe on this space will be in violation of the brand guidelines.

Brand Identity Guidlines