Wala Offer

Your gateway to get your employees the best offers, discounts and benefits

About Wala Offer

Save program for employee discounts

A program that works on the need for companies to provide special discounts and benefits for employees to help them and distinguish them from others

Appreciating their efforts in an innovative and flexible way to reach great brands all in order to create a stimulating and positive work environment and generate happiness and loyalty

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Manage offers and discounts

You can control exclusive discounts on many brands and services

Online store offers

Offers and discounts also include online stores, giving your employees a variety of options to take advantage of the offers


Your employees get cashback when they shop in the form of points deposited into their accounts

Regular offers and discounts

Continuous updates of discounts and the addition of stores and brands periodically

Unlimited use

Allows your employees and their families unlimited use of discounts and offers every time

daily deals

Save and enjoy more with daily renewed deals and special discounts

Special Deals

Special discounts and benefits that are provided in agreement with the brands to offer to employees

continuous interaction

Continuous updates of discounts and stores in line with private and public events for employees

specially designed for the happiness of your employees

It is your best gateway for employees to get the best discounts and offers

Packages and prices

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Medium Co. (1~50 employees)

299 ر.س

للموظف سنويآ

الباقة العادية

باقة من المزايا والعروض الأساسية التي تقدم للموظف لتكوين بيئة عمل لطيفة معززة بالولاء والارتباط

399 ر.س

للموظف سنويآ

الباقة بلس

الخيار المناسب للمنشآت التي تسعى إلى زيادة ولاء موظفيها وإشعارهم بالتميز وجذب الكفاءات الجديدة لتحقيق الولاء والارتباط

All the features of the (Basic) package in addition to:

most used

499 ر.س

للموظف سنويآ

الخطة الفاخرة

ببساطة خيارك الأمثل لتقديم تجربة مثالية لموظفيك تعتمد على تحفيز الأداء العالي وخلق التنافس الشريف

All the features of the (Regular) and (Plus) packages, in addition to:

Give your employees a tool for happiness by saving and saving

And get the trial period for free