Measurement of happiness and mental health in the work environment

What is WalaPioneer?



It consists of two questionnaires:
1. Employee balance and happiness questionnaire.
2. A questionnaire to evaluate the happiness and balance of the organization and its practices.



From the questionnaire, you will receive a detailed report that contains numerous analyzes and practical initiatives to improve and develop the practices of balance and happiness within the facility.



As a result of these outcomes, the facility can receive honor and an award if it passes the award criteria

ولاء بــايونير

مقياس السعادة والصحة النفسية في بيئة العمل

حمل التطبيق الآن

WalaPioneer five pillars


trillion dollars

It is the amount of annual losses incurred by companies due to poor productivity resulting from absences and health problems during the year 2013 (Gollab)

% 65

Employees who had balance and happiness programs (Wellbing) had fewer sick days. (United Healthcare)

% 30

of employees said they felt uncomfortable sharing their mental health issues with their managers ( McKinsey 2020)

% 69

of employees expect their companies to support them with mental health ( Cigna,2020)

Why should organizations focus on happiness and mental health (Wellbeing)?

Reducing medical insurance costs

Increase employee productivity

Reducing the rate of absences and sick leave

Improving the rate of attracting cadres, their integration, and their reception

Strengthening the facility's brand reputation

Improving employee health behaviors

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