Wala Bravo

Reward your employees in the easiest way

About Wala Bravo

Bravo Rewards & Points Program

A flexible and easy technology tool to send gifts and rewards to encourage employees and enhance the relationship between recognition and achievement, which contributes to creating a healthy and motivating work environment

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Points Incentive System

Give your employees more than just a 'thank you', reward them with points and give them the flexibility to choose their own rewards.

Various vouchers

With ease, the employee can redeem his points for a variety of vouchers for products and services

Gifting points between employees

Expand effective communication and build collaboration and appreciation among co-workers by exchanging points

Easy Control Panel

It enables you to send rewards to recipients and get reports with ease

Instant Notifications

Your employees will get all new instantly through app notifications

technical solution

You can save time and effort with multiple options to reward your employees (with a click)

Ideas for using bravo loyalty for rewards

Reward and make your employees happy with Bravo loyalty!

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