Market your products and your offers

Increase in sales and a reach for a wide segments of customers
We connect you to a wide segment of distinguished customers of the employees of high-income companies so that you can sell vouchers and coupons directly to them through the application and the website of Walaplus.
Special pages in the smartphone application
You'll get your own page to display your products and offers on the Walaplus’ application (Android and IOS).
Email Marketing
Walaplus will market for merchants to all employees by sending them emails and newsletters.
Special pages in the merchants website
We provide you with a web page where you can market and advertise your offers and discounts to the employees of joined companies.
Smartphone Notifications
We will send a notification on the Walaplus’ application to all the employees to let them know about your offers and products
Periodic reports and statistics
You will receive periodic reports and statistics on your sales through Walaplus, as well as the level of satisfaction of employees with these offers.

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