What’s incentives and rewards program?

A program that aims to create a competitive and healthy work environment by building an integrated system that helps the company reward its employees and show appreciation for their achievements and contributions.

One points program… many choices
Award your employee with points, and let him choose freely how to spend them on the many available and well-known merchants and brands on our website (Panda, Alshaya, Jarir, Extra, car polishing and shading centers, restaurants, cafes, and more).
Simple System… Great features
Awarding your employees, appreciating them, and motivating them are now at your fingertips through Walaplus' program for incentives and rewards. An easy and unique control system that enables you to manage all your employees' needs in one place.
Be part of your employees’ happy moments
Do not make your employees miss you in their happy times, give them gifts and congratulations in their most beautiful occasions, such as marriage, new baby, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha. Share the joy and express it via Walaplus points and gifts program.
Motivate your salespeople and increase your profits
Provide a competitive and motivating environment for salespeople by constantly motivating them through points, and then reap the profits of sales.
Establish your company’s values and goals with your employees
Make your company's core values and strategic goals well established in your employees' minds (such as transparency, teamwork, etc.) by rewarding and supporting the behaviors and initiatives that lead to it. Make Walaplus' points and incentives program your partner on your journey.
Attract more outstanding employees
One of the most important factors for attracting outstanding employees to a company is the extent to which the company pays attention to its employees and appreciates their achievements and contributions. So, make Walaplus incentives program your primary system to support this great value within your company.
Welcome your new employees with the best experience and the best first impression
Usually, the first week in work for the new employee is the one that builds the first impression of the company, so make this week exceptional through the Walaplus points and incentives program.
High levels of Satisfaction
Reward your employees for their achievements and work, and make them feel appreciated. All these practices will give you an ideal working environment and a high level of satisfaction.